Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?
No, just turn up.

What time do I have to be there?
We open at 6am but you can arrive any time after that.

How much does it cost?
Check out our pricing page

Can I leave before the end?
Yes, you can leave whenever you want. The aisles are wide enough for emergency vehicles so you can get through, but we do ask that you drive carefully.

Can I check whether you are on before I leave home?
Yes, there is an answerphone on from about 5am. And you can follow us on Twitter or see our FaceBook page for any updates.

Why would you cancel?
Only because of bad weather or if the ground conditions are too wet.

Can I hire tables?
Sorry – we are not able to provide this service.

When are you open?
Usually from early April until July but may do other dates depending on circumstances.

What time do you finish?
About 1pm but you can leave early or stay until everyone else has gone home! We are usually on the field until 4pm.

Are dogs allowed?
Yes but only on a lead and you must clear up after them. Also, please don’t leave your dog in the car unattended.

Can I sell food?
No, we restrict the number of caterers on site and we regret we do not have any vacancies at the moment.