Boot Fair Tips for Sellers

  • No need to book a space - just turn up
  • Arrive between 6am (7am 3rd Sunday in September onwards) and 8am if possible
  • Bring tables and/or groundsheets on which to display your goods
  • Bring change and a bag/apron to keep your money safe
  • Be realistic about prices. Price items if you want but be prepared to haggle!
  • Bring chairs to sit on. It's a long day with a 6am start!
  • Come along as a buyer first if you have;t done a Boot Fair before. You'll get and idea of how it works.
  • Stewards will show you where to "pitch up". Please go where you are directed as this helps us to use space more effectively
  • Virtually anything sells at a Boot Fair but there are some exceptions: no firearms, no weapons, no fireworks, no livestock, no counterfeit goods, no unauthorised food or drink sales - if in doubt check with Trading Standards or contact us for advice
  • Remember goods must be fit for purpose and if they are not in working order, the buyer is legally entitle to a refund
  • Come prepared for changeable weather. Rain does not necessarily mean we cancel, but a plastic sheet to cover your goods and an umbrella might be worth putting in. Or of course a parasol for those sunny days!
  • Load your tables last so that they are first out of your car to make setting up easier
Finally, have a great day and come back to Mammoth Boot Fairs soon!